Algebra Seminar, Summer 2012


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Coordinator: Wang Xiyuan (王溪源)
Email: wangxiyuan928 AT yahoo DOT cn
Mobile: 13958101842
Textbook: Algebra, by Michael Artin

Schedule: 2012.06.25. - 2012.07.26. Monday and Thursday Afternoons, 13:30 - 16:30, Venue TBA

06.25. Chapter 1 Matrix operations, Sections 1.1—1.5, speaker:

06.28. Chapter 2 Groups, Sections 2.1—2.4, speaker:

07.2. Chapter 2 Groups, Sections 2.5—2.10, speaker:

07.5. Chapter 3 Vector spaces, Sections 3.1—3.6, speaker:

07.9. Chapter 4 Linear transformations, Sections 4.1—4.8, speaker:

07.12. Chapter 5 Symmetry, Sections 5.1—5.4, speaker:

07.16. Chapter 5 Symmetry, Sections 5.5—5.9, speaker:

07.19. Chapter 6 More group theory, Sections 6.1—6.4, speaker:

07.23. Chapter 6 More group theory, Sections 6.5—6.9, speaker:

07.26. Chapter 7 Bilinear forms, Sections 7.1—7.6, speaker:

If you want to participate in the seminar, please contact the coordinator.


There will be two speakers in each session.

Chapters 1, 3, 4, and 7 are meant to be review of what you have already learned in linear algebra and they will be covered in a quick pace. If you do not have a solid basis in linear algebra, spend more time on these chapters. (Anyone interested in mathematics should have a solid grasp on linear algebra.)

Besides the reading and the presentations, it is important that about one-third of the exercises in the book should be worked out. You may hand them to the coordinator for corrections.

Confirmed Participants:

  • Guo He(郭赫) 3110104775 AT ZJU DOT EDU DOT CN
  • Chen Junjie(陈俊杰) 3110102415 AT ZJU DOT EDU DOT CN
  • Lei Yuhuan(雷宇环) LEIYUHUAN01 AT QQ DOT COM
  • Li Cong(李聪) XYXZZLXJ AT 126 DOT COM
  • Luo Zhilin(罗之麟) ZHLN DOT L AT LIVE DOT COM
  • Zhang Yiming(张一鸣) 1021250608 AT QQ DOT COM
  • Zhang Qidi(张启迪) 737042260 AT QQ DOT COM
  • Liu Yuantong(刘远通) LIUTONG3246129 AT 163 DOT COM
  • Chen Zijuan(陈子隽) SZZJC AT VIP DOT QQ DOT COM
  • Zhang Haojian(张健豪) 1159627981 AT QQ DOT COM
  • Lu Jiejun(卢杰君) 289332094 AT QQ DOT COM

For Freshmen and New-comers

Objectives of the seminar

  • To get acquainted with abstract ideas and the abstract ways of thinking in mathematics.
  • To learn how to express mathematical ideas precisely and lucidly
  • To learn how to self-study.
  • To learn how to communicate mathematically and exchange ideas with others.

On the presentations

1. Each presentation should be meticulously prepared, not only by the speaker, but also by the audience (in order to understand the talk).

2. Because of the time limit, you have to tailor the contents. Focus on the most central and essential ideas and leave out the secondary stuffs.

3. Definitions and theorems should always be stated clearly, precisely, and concisely.

4. Do not try to give all the details of a proof unless it involves useful techniques or it is very interesting. Just sketch the main line of thought.

5. Be prepared to answer and discuss any question posed by the audience.

6. For effective learning, English should be used as much as possible, at least for the blackboard writing.

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