Category Theory Seminar, Spring/Summer 2011

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Coordinator: Du Xiumin (杜秀敏)
Email: dxmyyd AT 163 DOT com
Mobile: 13968073810
Textbook: Categories for the Working Mathematicians, by Saunders Mac Lane

Schedule: 2011.03.05. - 2011.06.04. Sunday Morning, 9:00 am - 12:00 am, West 1-407

03.05. Introductions to Cats, speaker: Wang Xiyuan (王溪源)

03.12. Fundamentals of Category Theory, speaker: Xu Chao (许超), Wu Wei (吴为)

03.19. Elementary Abstract Theory of Categories,(Chapter 2), speaker: Chen Xiaochen (陈潇宸)

03.26. The Cat of Cats (Chapter 2), speaker: Chen Xiaochen (陈潇宸)

04.02. Universals (Chapter 3), speaker: Fan Honglu (樊宏路)

04.09. Yoneda Lemma (Chapter 3) speaker: Zeng Mingcong (曾鸣聪)

04.16. (co)Limit, (co)Product, Pushout(Pushback) (Chapter 3), speaker: Xu Chao (许超)

04.23. BREAK: Exam Week

04.30. BREAK: Holiday

05.07. Adjoints (Chapter 4), speaker: Fan Honglu (樊宏路)

05.14. More on Adjoints speaker: Zhao Huijun (赵慧君) Chen Xiaochen (陈潇宸)

05.21. Limit (Chapter 5) speaker: Hou Qi (候琦)

05.28. TBA


After set theory, category theory is the language used in modern mathematics. If you want to go into pure mathematics, it is the language you need to master the sooner the better. We are not ambitious. We’ll only cover the first five chapters and Chapter 8 of Mac Lane. It takes time to digest the influx of abstract ideas.

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