Number Theory Seminar, Spring/Summer 2012

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Coordinator: Wang Xiyuan (王溪源)
Email: wsw513www AT yahoo DOT com DOT cn
Mobile: 661842
Textbook: Number Theory 1: Fermat's Dream, by Kato, Kurokawa and Saito
A Course in Arithmetic, by Jean-Pierre Serre (GTM 7)

Schedule: Sunday mornings 9:00—12:00, 玉泉数学中心 203

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Number theory motivates much of the development in mathematics. Acquaintance with some elementary number theory is beneficial to your understanding of mathematics even if you don’t intend to specialize in this area.


J.S. Milne. Algebraic Number Theory,

K. Ireland and M. Rosen. A Classical Introduction to Modern Number Theory (GTM 84)

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