Smooth Manifold Seminar, Spring/Summer 2011


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Coordinator: Zhang Zhuohui (13656719610)
Email: tyotakuki AT 126 DOT com
Mobile: 13656719610
Textbook: Introductions to Smooth Manifolds, by John Lee

Schedule: 2011.3—2011.6, Sunday afternoons 13:30—16:30, West 1-407

2011.3.6 Chapter 1 Smooth manifolds speaker: 周杨

2011.3.13 Chapter 2 Smooth maps speaker: 陈文珩

2011.3.20 Chapter 3 The tangent bundle speaker: 许超

2011.3.27 Chapter 4 The cotangent bundle speaker: 程功

2011.4.3 Chapter 5 Submanifolds speaker: 陈潇宸

2011.4.10 Chapter 6 Embedding and approximation theorems speaker: 王盛文

2011.4.17 Chapter 7 Lie group actions speaker: 许超

2011.5.1 Chapter 8 Tensors speaker: 陈文珩

2011.5.8 Chapter 9 Differential forms speaker: 程功

2011.5.15 Chapter 10 Integration on manifolds speaker: 王盛文

2011.5.22 Chapter 11 De Rham cohomology, speaker: 周杨

2011.5.30 Chapter 12 Integral curves and flows speaker: 周杨

2011.6.5 Chapter 13 Lie derivatives speaker: 陈文珩


l           The tempo may be changed according to the situation.

l           Besides the reading and the presentations, it is important that most of the exercises in the book should be work out.

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