Point Set Topology Seminar, Summer 2012


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Coordinator: Prof. Wong Shiuchun (黄兆镇)
Email: scwong AT zju DOT edu DOT cn
Textbook: Lecture Notes, by Wong Shiuchun

Schedule: 2012.06.25. - 2012.07.26. Monday and Thursday Mornings, 9:00 - 12:00, Venue TBA

06.25. 1.集合与映射 2.基数 3.R R^n 的结构, speaker: 黄兆镇

06.28. 4.度量空间, speaker:

07.2. 5.度量空间的序列与完备性, speaker:

07.5. 6.度量空间的连续映射, speaker:

07.9. 7.拓扑空间, Sections 4.1—4.8, speaker:

07.12. 8.连续映射, speaker:

07.16. 9.子空间,积空间和商空间, speaker:

07.19. 10.连通性, speaker:

07.23. 11.紧性, speaker:

07.26. 12.可数性公理和分离性公理, speaker:

If you want to participate in the seminar, please contact the coordinator.


After set theory, point-set topology has become a basic language in modern mathematics. With metric spaces as a guide, this seminar will cover the basic concepts in topology that are widely used in analysis, geometry, and algebraic topology.

There will be two speakers in each session.

Besides the reading and the presentations, it is important that at least one-third of the exercises in the book should be worked out. You may hand them to the coordinator for corrections.

Confirmed Participants:

For Freshmen and New-comers

Objectives of the seminar

On the presentations

1. Each presentation should be meticulously prepared, not only by the speaker, but also by the audience (in order to understand the talk).

2. Because of the time limit, you have to tailor the contents. Focus on the most central and essential ideas and leave out the secondary stuffs.

3. Definitions and theorems should always be stated clearly, precisely, and concisely.

4. Do not try to give all the details of a proof unless it involves useful techniques or it is very interesting. Just sketch the main line of thought.

5. Be prepared to answer and discuss any question posed by the audience.

6. For effective learning, English should be used as much as possible, at least for the blackboard writing.

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